Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too.

Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how Caleb & Kirbie Sabatini decided to "Say Yes"...

In the summer of 2016 both Caleb & Kirbie decided to say yes after searching for an opportunity to serve at Summit and knowing there was a need for volunteers.

"As a former teacher, I see serving in Summit Kids as a wonderful opportunity to serve within our church while combining it with my passion for kiddos and teaching!" -Kirbie

On Sunday mornings Caleb & Kirbie volunteer as Elementary teachers. They start by welcoming each student as they come in and ask them what they have been up to. The class then heads to the theater for worship. After their lesson they review scripture and do activities to get the kid engaged with the lesson to finish out the morning. Kirbie especially enjoys "practicing her dance moves alongside the students as they worship the Lord!" Caleb & Kirbie made the choice to Say Yes together as a couple.

"Serving with my husband on Sunday mornings has been a great way to draw us closer together! You know that triangle diagram that is often used to illustrate the relationship between a husband, wife, and God? Serving together is a perfect example of how the Lord has drawn us closer together as we have sought to serve Him through Summit Kids." - Kirbie

"Serving in Summit Kids with my wife has been something we can set aside time during the week to work on together. We've had some great discussions going over scripture for the week that wouldn't have come up otherwise!" - Caleb

As children's volunteers we can often make the choice to "say yes" to make an impact on children's lives but what we don't realize is God is working in our lives and moving through us through our service.

"Saying yes has greatly impacted my life because there is great joy in sharing the gospel with little hearts. Their enthusiasm for God’s word and love is contagious. On the Sunday’s I serve I leave with my cup running over!" - Kirbie

"Saying yes has been something that was well worth the time and effort. Not only do I get to play a part in making new disciples for Christ, but it's had a profound impact on my own faith, as well as an opportunity to have fellowship with other leaders." - Caleb

If you are interested in saying yes, just like Caleb & Kirbie did email Matt Oberdick or follow the link see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.