Go Serve Day on May 20th, 2017 stood as a day for Summit Church to reach out to our communities and serve those in need. On this day our people, young & old, singles & families, went to several locations to do different jobs. Locations like Oklahoma City Dream Center, Food & Shelter Village in Norman, Tri-City Hope Center, Eden Clinic in Norman, Vida Victoriosa in Oklahoma City and four Summit Church members houses. All of these locations were in need of physical labor, people to show love and assistance. Because of Go Serve Day children got to spend a day having fun outside, walls were erected, houses and yards were cleaned and so much more!

"Go Serve Day is the day where Summit puts it's words into actions, where we live out our mission by serving others." - Todd Theissen


"Serving in Norman was bigger than just building cabinets and cleaning rooms. It was a reminder that there are so many hurting people surrounding us in our community. Helping Food & Shelter in Norman during Go Serve Day was also a reminder that community is everywhere - especially in the newly built homeless shelters. Being able to stand side by side with my community of Summit Church members, with the same goal in mind to help Norman’s homeless community was a sweet representation of how if you are standing side by side with your people, great things can be accomplished for the glory of God!" - Abby Beard

At the Eden Clinic the volunteers painted, picked up trash and cleaned weeds out of the flower beds. Not only were people able to give what each location was asking for but because the day went so smoothly they wanted to do more. 

"We tackled the projects pretty quickly, and one of the people in our group thought it would be great if we could run to the store and pickup a few things to improve the beds.  So off to the store they went, and we then put down some new mulch and flowers in the bed." -Kyle Schasteen

At the Oklahoma City Dream Center four volunteers framed out a wall with the help of a carpenter. They took a very large room that was underutilized by the church to turn it into two rooms.  One side will be storage for the church the other side will serve as a "living room" where they bring people out of service who are interested in hearing more about a relationship with Jesus and being baptized.

Our volunteers also served widowed members of our church. These women needed help in their yards that might have otherwise not been able to be attended to.

"Go serve day volunteers were so willing and helpful to clear debris and disposables from my yard. What a blessing to me..."  - Terrie DeShaso

"When we love God and love people, we bring glory to God! We hope that days like this encourage you to find your place and serve your neighbor on a regular basis." -Kelly Lashar