Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too.Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how college student, Tyler Overton, decided to "Say Yes"... Two years ago, after hearing there was a need, Tyler decided to Say Yes to volunteering in Summit Kids.

"I love working with kids and have always felt comfortable with being camp counselor, teacher, and other things! I knew this would be the perfect way to give back and serve the church!"

On Sunday mornings you can find Tyler with the elementary kids. They like to play games before they go to theater time to dance and hear a a message from the bible story. Tyler also teaches those lessons occasionally. Once the lesson is finished they head back to the classroom to go over the lesson through activities. They like to end the day with more games!

"It's very affirming and rewarding to have relationships with the kids and be able to have them be able to show that they are still learning while being able to have fun!"

In John, God calls us to love others as he has loved us. Tyler made the choice to serve others by Saying Yes. He is choosing to follow through with God's commands and lead our children.

"To me saying yes means being willing to truly put others before yourself and serve wholeheartedly."

If you are interested in saying yes, just like Tyler did email Matt Oberdick or follow the link see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.