Family Worship Night at Summit Church was an event geared towards providing the opportunity for the church to partner with parents, to encourage and equip parents, for parents to focus on their children without distraction and help parents take a step toward playing a more active role in their child's spiritual development. This was provided by giving parents the opportunity to worship along their children's sides, not only in the form of worship they are used to on Sunday mornings but also giving the children the opportunity to see how their parents worship on Sunday mornings as well.

"There is nothing sweeter to a parent than seeing our daughter sing to Jesus during the worship part of the night." -Darcie Challis

" I was able to see how Maddie was participating in the worship videos and she was thrilled to see mom and dad singing." -Kyle Schasteen

Not only was worship the main focus of the evening but also having some fun as well!

"We wanted a night where parents and children were able to learn about God while having fun together" -Matt Oberdick (Children's Pastor)

The evening allowed for parents to make a craft with their children, whether it was a prince or princess crown, a family shield or BOTH! Prizes were given out and fun was had by all! There was a chance to have your picture taken with your family in front of a castle too! There was a feast of snack food that included cupcakes, pretzel sticks and fruit! Pastor Todd read everyone a story. The biggest hit of the night for entertainment value was the bounce house! The bounce house was blown up in the auditorium because we weren't sure if it was going to rain or not. The children's eyes lit up the moment they walked into the auditorium to see that big bounce house.

The evening did exactly as it was created to do. It gave an opportunity for families to have community with not only the people in their family but also other families. The evening was driven by serving a loving and gracious God that we want to teach our families here at Summit to worship together. Giving the chance for parents and children to worship hand in hand.

"Eleanor said it was the "best princess party she had ever been to" and she loved singing with mom, dad and Lilah!" - Brad Hogue