Hosted by Scott & Connie Overstreet in Newcastle, OK

This life is a JOURNEY….

“Faith is not a conclusion you reach…it’s a journey you live.” A. W. Tozer

Our Home Group is a fellowship of young married couples. Recognizing the sacredness of marriage, leaders Scott and Connie Overstreet desire to be mentors through the transitions that come with marriage and children. Our group hopes to be one where relationships, discipleship and community are valued. 

The group meets after church on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. We have lunch together and then have a time of devotion and discussion. This could be anything from talking about the sermon or doing a group study. The size of the group has varied over the year. Right now we have seven couples. All are younger families, so we have young children filling the atmosphere with laughter, the babbling of little voices, and maybe the occasional cry. We find many interruptions in our busy schedules, but strive to keep a regular schedule and meet with whomever is able to come.


     “What usually takes years to build upon, the friendships and love built in this group have been overwhelming. Instead of just leaning and depending on our spouses, we have our large “family” to hold us tight when we need it, to send up a prayer, to come to for advice, to be a friend.Lauren McKee





    “In the short amount of time we have spent together, our group has gone through quite a bit of “life”. As a group, we have suffered the loss of a child, pregnancies, births of beautiful babies, gone through moves and job changes. No matter the season each of us has been in, whether a season of loss and hurt, a season of happiness and fulfillment, or a season of uncertainty and confusion, it has been nice to know we belong to a group of people who are loving, supporting and praying for each other.”

Deacon & McKenzie Vice    




This life is a JOURNEY and can have an awkward start.

“I remember our first meeting of our new community group, each of us sitting with our own families, tentatively reaching out to other couples, fits and starts of conversations that barely rose above the din of small talk. I accidentally voiced my disagreement with Scott on a theological point -- that was so not the plan! First impression blown: Check.

Our previous community group disbanded because our leaders started a new ministry at Summit. The group was made up of our siblings, long-time friends, and Kevin’s former youth pastor who has been such an influence that our oldest son is named after him. To say that starting that group was easy and natural is a laughable understatement. 

    Now in this new group, I wondered if we would gel or just be arm's-distance friends. And then slowly, we weren't strangers. Our conversations were deeper, both while socializing and during our study, and we spoke true things. All while our kids played in the background.” Sarah Warren


This life is a JOURNEY of goodness and difficulty. 

When David wrote the 23rd Psalm, he compared the valley of death to green pastures and quiet waters. As Christians we know there will be seasons of trial and seasons of joy, but none of us could have predicted how much we would see both extremes in less than one year of being a community group. We have celebrated pregnancies, passed dissertations, good health reports, births and job offers. 

We’ve also walked through valleys. Deacon’s grandmother passed. Scott’s mother had a stroke and lost the use of her legs. But the deepest, darkest valley came when little Daniel Wyman never woke up from his nap.

“The group stood alongside Kevin and me as we prepared to welcome our second son, and with him a return of the postpartum mental health issues that followed the birth of our eldest. In the early days of our group, Kevin would recite everyone's names in the car (my husband is so Type A). But after a while, we didn't just know names, we knew stories. Instead of trying to remember names, we now chat about how this person is doing, or how that grad school application is going. The "becoming community" was over. We were a community, tentative and new, but a community nonetheless. And then the news came that sweet Daniel was in heaven. Any scraps of "becoming" were gone. We were united, mobilized, sharing food, meeting needs and giving the only real gifts we could - ugly tears, aching prayers, and a community where Daniel's name is spoken freely and often.” This group has met us all in real life - as raw and ugly and beautiful as it gets.” Sarah Warren

This life is a JOURNEY and is better together.

When others are there to encourage, uplift, and support each other, we find comfort and goodness. We thank God for each other and His peace through all.

“Home group has been such a blessing to me. Not only are we surrounded by amazing people we get to call friends, but we get to see God through them and His works as we share life with them. They have been there to cry on and to celebrate with. It is an honor to be part of a group that has your back no matter what.” -Kirstin Wyman

“Our home group has been a steady constant during a very turbulent season. God really knew what he was doing when he put us all together for this particular time. Through all our different storms and challenges we have stood by one another in prayer and love. Together we are learning what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus and making deep connections that we will remember for a lifetime.” -Jazz Sturgell



If you know someone who has lost a child and you’re afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn’t forget they died. You’re not reminding them. What you’re reminding them of is that you remember that they lived, and that’s a great, great gift.” (Quote from Elizabeth Edwards)