At Summit Church, we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. This is where Home Groups shine! A group of like minded young adults, lead by Kevin Babiak & Emilee Hayes, started meeting May of 2016 in an effort to follow through with Summit's beliefs in a gospel community. 

"I love the story of our home group. We were a room full of strangers that committed to meet every Sunday morning for 5 weeks and talk about God, where we're at in life, and what this post-grad home group vision looked like. We weren't sure what was to come after those weeks, but we knew we wanted community. We realized pretty quickly that we were supposed to be together when we all shared 3 things, our love of Christ, our desire for community, and love of food." - Moriah Melendez

There are two things this group 100% agree on, Loving God and each other and FOOD! 

"We unofficially call ourselves STEW. It started when we were discussing what a random group of people we were, and how you wouldn't normally assume we would mesh so well together. We're like a good stew -you throw in all of your random leftovers and it becomes something better than it could have been alone. We jokingly adopted it as our name, which worked since we love food!" -Jenna Peters

On Sunday evenings the group meets to enjoy each other company over a planned potluck style meal or a "bring your own meal" depending on the plans made the week before. After devouring dinner they gather to study books of the bible by using group devotions or video series, discussing John Piper articles or going through that mornings message. The evening ends with prayer requests & praises and committing to spend time with the Lord on behalf of each other.

"Every night always involves a potluck dinner with delicious food (and lots of it YAY!) where we experience most of the weekly chat and catch up, while the book/bible study involves a comfortable atmosphere of equality and vulnerability. This is one of the first communities I’ve been in where I have never felt unsafe to share what I am learning or what’s on my heart." - Nick Rhodes

Not only does their group meet Sunday evenings, they also have taken a road trip around the metro to celebrate their one year group anniversary. This mini road trip included a visit to Pops, the Wheeler Farris Wheel, a Dodgers game, roaming around downtown OKC and a pool party. They also do a trip to Broken Bow in the fall, which they are currently planning for. Celebrating each others lives such as engagements, weddings, babies, going away parties and holidays hold a special place in each members heart.

"To me this group has been an answered prayer. I was looking for a group of people similar in age to me with the same desire to grow together spiritually and through life's challenges." - Megan Palmer

If there is one thing this group of believers lives out it's "community is the context of a disciple." They are all fully devoted to seeking community, living life together and striving to follow the commands in scripture. This group of young adults is committed to holding each other accountable and lifting each other up daily.

"This small group is the first real community group I’ve gotten to be apart of that is lead and attended by all people that are close in age and stage of life. They encourage me when I’m down or harsh on myself and I’m able to pour into them just the same. This group represents a group of people and my closest friends that I can turn to at any moment and people I can turn to that will drop everything to help in any way they can in any situation. Having a community of believers to build each other up daily and weekly, able to break bread and discuss our live and what God is doing is the community I know I was looking for when coming to Summit church a year and half ago." - Kevin Babiak

"God has shown me different parts of His love and character through every single individual. We are all so unique and talented in different aspects, and when we come together, I see Jesus’ face more clearly in that I am learning who He is through how He created the people around me. I know God more intimately because of these awesome, wonderful people." - Nick Rhodes

"Being in 'STEW' is awesome. Being able to be open and honest with people and not be judged is what true friendship is all about. Having fun, laughing and crying together, traveling and eating." - Matt Peters