Overstreet Home Group Highlight

Overstreet Home Group Highlight


Hosted by Scott & Connie Overstreet in Newcastle, OK

This life is a JOURNEY….

“Faith is not a conclusion you reach…it’s a journey you live.” A. W. Tozer

Our Home Group is a fellowship of young married couples. Recognizing the sacredness of marriage, leaders Scott and Connie Overstreet desire to be mentors through the transitions that come with marriage and children. Our group hopes to be one where relationships, discipleship and community are valued. 

The group meets after church on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. We have lunch together and then have a time of devotion and discussion. This could be anything from talking about the sermon or doing a group study. The size of the group has varied over the year. Right now we have seven couples. All are younger families, so we have young children filling the atmosphere with laughter, the babbling of little voices, and maybe the occasional cry. We find many interruptions in our busy schedules, but strive to keep a regular schedule and meet with whomever is able to come.


     “What usually takes years to build upon, the friendships and love built in this group have been overwhelming. Instead of just leaning and depending on our spouses, we have our large “family” to hold us tight when we need it, to send up a prayer, to come to for advice, to be a friend.Lauren McKee





    “In the short amount of time we have spent together, our group has gone through quite a bit of “life”. As a group, we have suffered the loss of a child, pregnancies, births of beautiful babies, gone through moves and job changes. No matter the season each of us has been in, whether a season of loss and hurt, a season of happiness and fulfillment, or a season of uncertainty and confusion, it has been nice to know we belong to a group of people who are loving, supporting and praying for each other.”

Deacon & McKenzie Vice    




This life is a JOURNEY and can have an awkward start.

“I remember our first meeting of our new community group, each of us sitting with our own families, tentatively reaching out to other couples, fits and starts of conversations that barely rose above the din of small talk. I accidentally voiced my disagreement with Scott on a theological point -- that was so not the plan! First impression blown: Check.

Our previous community group disbanded because our leaders started a new ministry at Summit. The group was made up of our siblings, long-time friends, and Kevin’s former youth pastor who has been such an influence that our oldest son is named after him. To say that starting that group was easy and natural is a laughable understatement. 

    Now in this new group, I wondered if we would gel or just be arm's-distance friends. And then slowly, we weren't strangers. Our conversations were deeper, both while socializing and during our study, and we spoke true things. All while our kids played in the background.” Sarah Warren


This life is a JOURNEY of goodness and difficulty. 

When David wrote the 23rd Psalm, he compared the valley of death to green pastures and quiet waters. As Christians we know there will be seasons of trial and seasons of joy, but none of us could have predicted how much we would see both extremes in less than one year of being a community group. We have celebrated pregnancies, passed dissertations, good health reports, births and job offers. 

We’ve also walked through valleys. Deacon’s grandmother passed. Scott’s mother had a stroke and lost the use of her legs. But the deepest, darkest valley came when little Daniel Wyman never woke up from his nap.

“The group stood alongside Kevin and me as we prepared to welcome our second son, and with him a return of the postpartum mental health issues that followed the birth of our eldest. In the early days of our group, Kevin would recite everyone's names in the car (my husband is so Type A). But after a while, we didn't just know names, we knew stories. Instead of trying to remember names, we now chat about how this person is doing, or how that grad school application is going. The "becoming community" was over. We were a community, tentative and new, but a community nonetheless. And then the news came that sweet Daniel was in heaven. Any scraps of "becoming" were gone. We were united, mobilized, sharing food, meeting needs and giving the only real gifts we could - ugly tears, aching prayers, and a community where Daniel's name is spoken freely and often.” This group has met us all in real life - as raw and ugly and beautiful as it gets.” Sarah Warren

This life is a JOURNEY and is better together.

When others are there to encourage, uplift, and support each other, we find comfort and goodness. We thank God for each other and His peace through all.

“Home group has been such a blessing to me. Not only are we surrounded by amazing people we get to call friends, but we get to see God through them and His works as we share life with them. They have been there to cry on and to celebrate with. It is an honor to be part of a group that has your back no matter what.” -Kirstin Wyman

“Our home group has been a steady constant during a very turbulent season. God really knew what he was doing when he put us all together for this particular time. Through all our different storms and challenges we have stood by one another in prayer and love. Together we are learning what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus and making deep connections that we will remember for a lifetime.” -Jazz Sturgell



If you know someone who has lost a child and you’re afraid to mention them because you think you might make them sad by reminding them that they died, they didn’t forget they died. You’re not reminding them. What you’re reminding them of is that you remember that they lived, and that’s a great, great gift.” (Quote from Elizabeth Edwards)



say Yes Vickie Martinez

say Yes Vickie Martinez

Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too. Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how Vickie Martinez decided to "Say Yes"...

Two years ago Vickie decided to Say Yes because she enjoyed working with children and desired to be a part of Summit Kids. She works with the Pre K and Kindergarten children.

"Getting to know the children and watching them learn about the Bible stories and know that Jesus loves them was so inspiring."

" The way Summit does the program makes it easy to volunteer. crafts and games are packaged and have instructions on what to do. We go to theater to have our lesson and praise and worship with plenty of time to jump and sing. In class we say our memory verses with motions and we pray together. "

As we come to the end of our Say Yes campaign we would love for you to pray over finding your place here at Summit. If you are interested in saying yes, just like Vickie did email Matt Oberdick or follow the link see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.

"Saying yes was the best decision I've made. To help children learn about Jesus and be a small part of their lives is priceless!" - Vickie Martinez


Say Yes Tyler Overton

Say Yes Tyler Overton

Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too.Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how college student, Tyler Overton, decided to "Say Yes"... Two years ago, after hearing there was a need, Tyler decided to Say Yes to volunteering in Summit Kids.

"I love working with kids and have always felt comfortable with being camp counselor, teacher, and other things! I knew this would be the perfect way to give back and serve the church!"

On Sunday mornings you can find Tyler with the elementary kids. They like to play games before they go to theater time to dance and hear a a message from the bible story. Tyler also teaches those lessons occasionally. Once the lesson is finished they head back to the classroom to go over the lesson through activities. They like to end the day with more games!

"It's very affirming and rewarding to have relationships with the kids and be able to have them be able to show that they are still learning while being able to have fun!"

In John, God calls us to love others as he has loved us. Tyler made the choice to serve others by Saying Yes. He is choosing to follow through with God's commands and lead our children.

"To me saying yes means being willing to truly put others before yourself and serve wholeheartedly."

If you are interested in saying yes, just like Tyler did email Matt Oberdick or follow the link see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.

Say Yes Caleb & Kirbie Sabatini

Say Yes Caleb & Kirbie Sabatini

Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too.

Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how Caleb & Kirbie Sabatini decided to "Say Yes"...

In the summer of 2016 both Caleb & Kirbie decided to say yes after searching for an opportunity to serve at Summit and knowing there was a need for volunteers.

"As a former teacher, I see serving in Summit Kids as a wonderful opportunity to serve within our church while combining it with my passion for kiddos and teaching!" -Kirbie

On Sunday mornings Caleb & Kirbie volunteer as Elementary teachers. They start by welcoming each student as they come in and ask them what they have been up to. The class then heads to the theater for worship. After their lesson they review scripture and do activities to get the kid engaged with the lesson to finish out the morning. Kirbie especially enjoys "practicing her dance moves alongside the students as they worship the Lord!" Caleb & Kirbie made the choice to Say Yes together as a couple.

"Serving with my husband on Sunday mornings has been a great way to draw us closer together! You know that triangle diagram that is often used to illustrate the relationship between a husband, wife, and God? Serving together is a perfect example of how the Lord has drawn us closer together as we have sought to serve Him through Summit Kids." - Kirbie

"Serving in Summit Kids with my wife has been something we can set aside time during the week to work on together. We've had some great discussions going over scripture for the week that wouldn't have come up otherwise!" - Caleb

As children's volunteers we can often make the choice to "say yes" to make an impact on children's lives but what we don't realize is God is working in our lives and moving through us through our service.

"Saying yes has greatly impacted my life because there is great joy in sharing the gospel with little hearts. Their enthusiasm for God’s word and love is contagious. On the Sunday’s I serve I leave with my cup running over!" - Kirbie

"Saying yes has been something that was well worth the time and effort. Not only do I get to play a part in making new disciples for Christ, but it's had a profound impact on my own faith, as well as an opportunity to have fellowship with other leaders." - Caleb

If you are interested in saying yes, just like Caleb & Kirbie did email Matt Oberdick or follow the link see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.

Say Yes Brad & Amanda Hogue

Say Yes Brad & Amanda Hogue

Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too.

Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how Brad & Amanda Hogue decided to "Say Yes"...

Around October of 2015 Brad & Amanda decided to say yes in the hopes they would have an impact on the young minds at Summit. It was their hope to introduce Jesus to the youngest minds in our church.

"It is fulfilling to see the kids start to learn and grow leaps and bounds from when they start in the 2 year old class to when they leave. They learn so much it is truly inspiring." - Brad & Amanda Hogue

As a volunteer on Sunday mornings in the 2 year old class, they are responsible for preparing in advance for the lesson, keeping everyone in engaged in those lessons and watching out for each child as to are going to, during and coming from theater time.

"While teaching two year olds for an hour keeps you on your toes, I feel so enormously blessed to hear one of them remember their memory verse or learn for the first time that God made them!  It is quite fulfilling to be a small part of bringing God into these two year old's hearts." - Amanda Hogue

Brad and Amanda decided they would volunteer together as a married couple.

" I think serving together means we strengthen our bond over leading others to God and we can translate what we learn teaching the kids to our kids and then bond over the growth we see in them.  Also the couple that survives teaching two year olds together stays together!" -Brad Hogue

If you are interested in saying yes, just like Brad & Amanda did email Matt Oberdick and see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.

Young Adult Home Group Highlight

Young Adult Home Group Highlight

At Summit Church, we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. This is where Home Groups shine! A group of like minded young adults, lead by Kevin Babiak & Emilee Hayes, started meeting May of 2016 in an effort to follow through with Summit's beliefs in a gospel community. 

"I love the story of our home group. We were a room full of strangers that committed to meet every Sunday morning for 5 weeks and talk about God, where we're at in life, and what this post-grad home group vision looked like. We weren't sure what was to come after those weeks, but we knew we wanted community. We realized pretty quickly that we were supposed to be together when we all shared 3 things, our love of Christ, our desire for community, and love of food." - Moriah Melendez

There are two things this group 100% agree on, Loving God and each other and FOOD! 

"We unofficially call ourselves STEW. It started when we were discussing what a random group of people we were, and how you wouldn't normally assume we would mesh so well together. We're like a good stew -you throw in all of your random leftovers and it becomes something better than it could have been alone. We jokingly adopted it as our name, which worked since we love food!" -Jenna Peters

On Sunday evenings the group meets to enjoy each other company over a planned potluck style meal or a "bring your own meal" depending on the plans made the week before. After devouring dinner they gather to study books of the bible by using group devotions or video series, discussing John Piper articles or going through that mornings message. The evening ends with prayer requests & praises and committing to spend time with the Lord on behalf of each other.

"Every night always involves a potluck dinner with delicious food (and lots of it YAY!) where we experience most of the weekly chat and catch up, while the book/bible study involves a comfortable atmosphere of equality and vulnerability. This is one of the first communities I’ve been in where I have never felt unsafe to share what I am learning or what’s on my heart." - Nick Rhodes

Not only does their group meet Sunday evenings, they also have taken a road trip around the metro to celebrate their one year group anniversary. This mini road trip included a visit to Pops, the Wheeler Farris Wheel, a Dodgers game, roaming around downtown OKC and a pool party. They also do a trip to Broken Bow in the fall, which they are currently planning for. Celebrating each others lives such as engagements, weddings, babies, going away parties and holidays hold a special place in each members heart.

"To me this group has been an answered prayer. I was looking for a group of people similar in age to me with the same desire to grow together spiritually and through life's challenges." - Megan Palmer

If there is one thing this group of believers lives out it's "community is the context of a disciple." They are all fully devoted to seeking community, living life together and striving to follow the commands in scripture. This group of young adults is committed to holding each other accountable and lifting each other up daily.

"This small group is the first real community group I’ve gotten to be apart of that is lead and attended by all people that are close in age and stage of life. They encourage me when I’m down or harsh on myself and I’m able to pour into them just the same. This group represents a group of people and my closest friends that I can turn to at any moment and people I can turn to that will drop everything to help in any way they can in any situation. Having a community of believers to build each other up daily and weekly, able to break bread and discuss our live and what God is doing is the community I know I was looking for when coming to Summit church a year and half ago." - Kevin Babiak

"God has shown me different parts of His love and character through every single individual. We are all so unique and talented in different aspects, and when we come together, I see Jesus’ face more clearly in that I am learning who He is through how He created the people around me. I know God more intimately because of these awesome, wonderful people." - Nick Rhodes

"Being in 'STEW' is awesome. Being able to be open and honest with people and not be judged is what true friendship is all about. Having fun, laughing and crying together, traveling and eating." - Matt Peters

Lashar Home Group Highlight

Lashar Home Group Highlight

At Summit Church, we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. This is where Home Groups shine! 

Four years ago Tim & Kelly Lashar decided to lead a home group of like minded people at Summit Church in an effort to follow through with Summit's beliefs in a gospel community. They meet every Wednesday at a home in Norman. Their group is classified as a multigenerational group. In the past they have had college students and young adults looking for older/mentor type home group leaders. Tim & Kelly lead the group together. They use Todd's sermon response as their guide for discussion.

"It's a great group for young empty nesters or people with college aged sons & daughters." -Marla Moore

"What I appreciate most about our home group is the opportunity to "flesh out" Pastor Todd's or Nate's Sunday morning sermon. I really look forward to meeting with those in my group to talk about how it looks in our daily lives and to encourage one another as we strive to apply it." -Angie Niblett

"We love the time we get with our friends weekly to talk about Gods word, Todd's lesson and pray and listen to our daily life's journeys. God has shown us favor by putting these special people in our lives. We have fun and laugh together and cry and hurt together." - Amy Newton

The group also believes in Missional Living by participating in service projects like Food & Shelter, Angel Tree and others.

Home groups are meant to not only to have people to study and practice what is discussed on Sunday mornings but also to create community. Home groups are where you know you can go and be fed but also feed into others. Having a group of people you know you can trust and lean on is life changing. This home group has been a consistent source of community for many couples.

"It's great to see how other Christians live their lives and tackle relationships." - Julie Stewart

"We have gone thru a very difficult and tragic time in our lives recently and our friendships in our home group have helped carry us through the pain. They graciously brought meals, prayed, called, gave of their resources and walked along side us every day. It has been a gift and such an amazing blessing to have them in our lives. It really is a lot of fun to watch God work in our group and as we are willing to pour and invest in others, the richer our lives have become." -Amy Newton

"Life isn't easy and having like-minded friends to spur you on and lend prayer support really makes a difference!" -Angie Niblett

The Lashar home group is a group of people that believe in the mission of Summit Church, "Making Disciples for the Glory of God" This group is proof of living to glorify God in the way they love on each other, openly welcoming anyone to their group and loving and learning about our gracious Father in Heaven.

"Our home group treasures our time together and the people in it are some of our dearest friends. We can't imagine life at Summit without our home group connection" -Kelly Lashar

Family Worship Night

Family Worship Night

Family Worship Night at Summit Church was an event geared towards providing the opportunity for the church to partner with parents, to encourage and equip parents, for parents to focus on their children without distraction and help parents take a step toward playing a more active role in their child's spiritual development. This was provided by giving parents the opportunity to worship along their children's sides, not only in the form of worship they are used to on Sunday mornings but also giving the children the opportunity to see how their parents worship on Sunday mornings as well.

"There is nothing sweeter to a parent than seeing our daughter sing to Jesus during the worship part of the night." -Darcie Challis

" I was able to see how Maddie was participating in the worship videos and she was thrilled to see mom and dad singing." -Kyle Schasteen

Not only was worship the main focus of the evening but also having some fun as well!

"We wanted a night where parents and children were able to learn about God while having fun together" -Matt Oberdick (Children's Pastor)

The evening allowed for parents to make a craft with their children, whether it was a prince or princess crown, a family shield or BOTH! Prizes were given out and fun was had by all! There was a chance to have your picture taken with your family in front of a castle too! There was a feast of snack food that included cupcakes, pretzel sticks and fruit! Pastor Todd read everyone a story. The biggest hit of the night for entertainment value was the bounce house! The bounce house was blown up in the auditorium because we weren't sure if it was going to rain or not. The children's eyes lit up the moment they walked into the auditorium to see that big bounce house.

The evening did exactly as it was created to do. It gave an opportunity for families to have community with not only the people in their family but also other families. The evening was driven by serving a loving and gracious God that we want to teach our families here at Summit to worship together. Giving the chance for parents and children to worship hand in hand.

"Eleanor said it was the "best princess party she had ever been to" and she loved singing with mom, dad and Lilah!" - Brad Hogue

Spring Break Belize

Spring Break Belize

March 12, 2017 thirteen Summit members traveled to Belize for five days of Global Missions outreach. Working with the Praying Pelican Missions this group started their week at the Pomona Christian Community Church in Pomona, Belize. While working with the Praying Pelican Missions our team serves to the needs of indigenous local churches, pastors, and communities. 

"When we arrived in Pomona the first day Pastor Wayne asked us if we had brought our tools.... very confused we said we didn't know we were supposed to bring any tools. He then explained that our goal for the week was to build a new playground. With no playground building experience our team decided to give it a try. God definitely moved in some amazing ways through this process and at the end of the week had we're able to leave the church with a new playground for all the kids and the community." - Taylor Langley

Not only did our team build a playground! They also assisted in teaching school lessons and bible stories to preschool aged children. These children also participated in a local children's concert/competition. The team got to watch the children perform a song and dance they had been working on all week. Austin was honored to get to pray over the entire audience before the concert began.

During the week the team had the opportunity to deliver food to families in the community that were in need. This gave the team a chance to share the gospel, have intentional conversation and prayer over the families. During one of these visits some of the team met a man that had been severely injured in a motorcycle wreck. He told them the story of how he was nearly dead but prayed God would heal him and God completely healed him!

"I teared up as he told this story because it was so impactful. Hearing about God's miracles and being able to heal His people impacted us so much, and gave us more confidence in trusting God to do miracles in our own lives. It was such a cool story to hear and relationship to make while on the trip!" -Kassidy Cook

"Belize is an amazing country. The people greet you with a smile, are happy as can be, and treat you the way Jesus would. Serving alongside them brings it back to the basics and helps refocus and remind you of the simple command Jesus gave us in Luke 10:27  ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ For me this trip did just that. Being able to let go of all the distractions in the US and focus on God is one of the best things you can do. I would encourage anyone to try a mission trip if they haven't before!" -Taylor Langley


Willis Home Group Highlight

Willis Home Group Highlight

At Summit Church we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. This is where Home Groups shine! Four years ago Ryan & Cassidy Willis decided to open their home to like minded people at Summit Church in an effort to follow through with Summit's beliefs in a gospel community.

"In the beginning I approached it like a Bible Study & Prayer group and to some extent it still is. The more important role in my opinion has surfaced as we've lived life and grown families together, the role of Jesus loving community. My goal for our Home Group is that we live life together in community and we encourage each other to have a Biblical Worldview, to see our lives through the lens of Scripture and we live our lives and raise our kids constantly being governed by the Word."  - Ryan Willis

In the four years since beginning the Willis Home Group it has grown to host seventeen adults between the ages of 24 - 40 and ten children between the ages of 7 years - 3 Months. Home Groups are centered around Christ and focus on becoming closer to Him with others doing the same thing. Growing in the love of Christ and in His Truth with others creates a bond that isn't easily broken but is easily pushed outward and having this allows the group to become your people, your church.

"We are doing life together and loving each other right where we are at and that is more special to me as a wife, a mom, a friend, and a Christian than anything else and has allowed me to grow in ways that will continue to shape my walk with Christ." - Taylor Epling

"For my wife and I finding a group of friends that we can do life with has been one of the most beneficial things for our family. We have 3 kids and knowing that we are exposing them to people who love the Lord and will walk through life with us is such a blessing." - Timmy Coleman

Not only does the Home Group gather every other Monday evening they also gather to celebrate each other's successes, babies, birthdays and holidays. They are not only centered around Christ but community as well. Community is the context of a disciple and as a church we are here to make disciples for the glory of God.

"We've walked together in joy and sorrow and loved each other like family. And we've seen that the more committed someone is to the group the more committed they become to the Church, I think that's one of Christ's goals in leading us into community." - Ryan Willis

"We truly are not meant to live this life alone." - Ryan Willis

Go Serve Day

Go Serve Day

Go Serve Day on May 20th, 2017 stood as a day for Summit Church to reach out to our communities and serve those in need. On this day our people, young & old, singles & families, went to several locations to do different jobs. Locations like Oklahoma City Dream Center, Food & Shelter Village in Norman, Tri-City Hope Center, Eden Clinic in Norman, Vida Victoriosa in Oklahoma City and four Summit Church members houses. All of these locations were in need of physical labor, people to show love and assistance. Because of Go Serve Day children got to spend a day having fun outside, walls were erected, houses and yards were cleaned and so much more!

"Go Serve Day is the day where Summit puts it's words into actions, where we live out our mission by serving others." - Todd Theissen


"Serving in Norman was bigger than just building cabinets and cleaning rooms. It was a reminder that there are so many hurting people surrounding us in our community. Helping Food & Shelter in Norman during Go Serve Day was also a reminder that community is everywhere - especially in the newly built homeless shelters. Being able to stand side by side with my community of Summit Church members, with the same goal in mind to help Norman’s homeless community was a sweet representation of how if you are standing side by side with your people, great things can be accomplished for the glory of God!" - Abby Beard

At the Eden Clinic the volunteers painted, picked up trash and cleaned weeds out of the flower beds. Not only were people able to give what each location was asking for but because the day went so smoothly they wanted to do more. 

"We tackled the projects pretty quickly, and one of the people in our group thought it would be great if we could run to the store and pickup a few things to improve the beds.  So off to the store they went, and we then put down some new mulch and flowers in the bed." -Kyle Schasteen

At the Oklahoma City Dream Center four volunteers framed out a wall with the help of a carpenter. They took a very large room that was underutilized by the church to turn it into two rooms.  One side will be storage for the church the other side will serve as a "living room" where they bring people out of service who are interested in hearing more about a relationship with Jesus and being baptized.

Our volunteers also served widowed members of our church. These women needed help in their yards that might have otherwise not been able to be attended to.

"Go serve day volunteers were so willing and helpful to clear debris and disposables from my yard. What a blessing to me..."  - Terrie DeShaso

"When we love God and love people, we bring glory to God! We hope that days like this encourage you to find your place and serve your neighbor on a regular basis." -Kelly Lashar

Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat

5 men, Toby Rodriquez, Tom Jablonski, Wes Stark, Tracey Powell & Nathan Tate spent 5 days camping in the Kiamichi Mountains in Eastern Oklahoma - just south of Tallahina - the week of May 1-5, 2017.  It was a week filled with fun and adventure, an incredible amount of good food - thanks to Tom, and some spiritual enlightenment through some good preaching.

The men spent the week getting to know each other by sitting around campfires, eating, listening to each others stories, discussing life, family, finances and spirituality. There was time spent listening to preaching as well.

"It was really great to spend some time with the other guys and get to know their stories. We got to feast on great food with some great men..." -Tracey Powell

On the last night an older couple's RV caught on fire and burned to the ground. The guy's week ended with a bit of excitement but also sadness for this couple. One of the men recognized a need and immediately met it by helping the couple financially. 

Overall the week ended up being exactly what it was intended to be, a great time spent outdoors with other Godly men.

" I now consider those guys my brothers after sharing this week with them." -Nathan Tate

Puerto Rico 2016 Recap

Puerto Rico 2016 Recap

December 17th, 2016 fifteen men and women started their week long adventure in the mission field. Because of its proximity to the United States and the fact that you do not need passports to travel there, Puerto Rico serves as a perfect first step into the world of international missions. It is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the US Virgin Islands. Praying Pelican Missions (www.prayingpelicanmissions.org) is a short-term international missions organization serving the needs of indigenous local churches, pastors, and communities around the world. This group of people worked alongside people that live and work in the community. The group joined in on the work God was already doing through the people of Praying Pelican Missions.


"Each one of us had skills we didn't know we had that helped with the mission for this Church.”
- Debbie Stigers
"When we landed it was evident how vibrant the country of Puerto Rico is. Everyday at meal times there were always people joining and sharing life stories. Their culture connects in the form of sharing testimonies. They truly exemplify Romans 1 when Paul talks about other believers being encouraged by one another’s faith.”
- Bailey Brurud


Our Puerto Rico team spent the week at Iglesia Methodista San Pablo (St. Paul Methodist Church) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the mornings they spent time working on painting murals, installing air conditioning units, organizing donations and whatever else the church needed. In the afternoon they spent time sharing the joy of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ by putting on a Christmas themed Vacation Bible School for 25-35 local children. They also helped many members of the community by handing out packaged meals to those that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford it and praying for them.


"The Pastora of this Church is an amazing Godly woman and her small congregation are the sweetest, friendliest and most grateful people I have ever met. I am truly Blessed to have met them.”
- Debbie Stigers
"The Lord worked through our team and gave us many opportunities to share his love through sharing testimonies and praying for the community nightly. But ultimately, He was glorified through just the simple smiles and hugs of people trying to communicate through a language barrier. It was so evident that the spirit of the Lord is truly working in Puerto Rico.”
- Carolyn Baker


Although the language barrier was difficult to overcome our Puerto Rico team recognized early on that God was assisting in their communication in other ways. Not only was our team able to help with needs around Iglesia Methodista San Pablo and their community, but the Lord was working in them as well.


"The most meaningful part of the trip was all the people we were able to meet, pray for, talk to, and share the beauty of the gospel with. We will never forget our time in Puerto Rico, but we will also never forget that God is the God of all nations, people, languages, and races.”
- James Taylor
"I learned that kids are kids everywhere they like singing and dancing and playing flip cup and making friends and hugging and laughing regardless of language barrier they welcomed my team with giant hugs and kisses on the cheek. I got to see the same God that I serve in Oklahoma be praised in a new culture and language. He is a universal God who truly is seeking after all people.”
- Bailey Brurud

Kyle, Sam & Maddie Schasteen

Kyle & Sam Schasteen along with their eight year old daughter, Maddie, have been members of Antioch Christian Church since 2003. Not only are the Schasteen’s heavily involved with the children’s minsitries at Antioch, Kyle is also an elder. Shortly after Nathan and Todd met for the first time the discussion of the merger began with the elders of both Antioch and Summit.


“Initially I was curious about motives - admittedly that isn’t the best reaction one could have…” -Kyle


“My first initial feeling was fear. Who are these people, can we trust their motives?” -Sam


Not only were there fears involving motifs but also there was a concern about the campus as an entirety. Kyle was processing as not only a church member but an elder as well, through what would happen with both the preschool and the academy, Antioch's bylaws, legality, and how the church member’s would feel as well.


Through much prayer and guidance from God both Kyle and Sam were able to open their hearts towards God’s plan for both Antioch & Summit.


“Meeting Todd & Jay immediately squelched my fears. They were both so genuine. Authenticity is an important virtue in my book and not only were they transparent, I could see God in them. I was on board 100%” - Sam


“Ultimately God was revealing his sovereignty to me, I wanted a sign, a message, a vision, something to convince me that this was God’s plan and not man’s plan. While God never gave to me a clear, supernatural-like proof of His will, He showed me his authority through all of this by leading us through the mine field step-by-step and we didn’t get blown up. I believe God gave me the faith I needed for this.” - Kyle


Kyle & Sam, like others, have been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the beginning discussions of a merger. Where fear and distrust could have taken over this plan they sought out God in their decision faithfully. 


“I am excited because I know when God goes before us, we are walking on holy ground. I think He has so much in store for us, immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. As long as we keep our eyes focussed on Him, we can do the work He has prepared in advance for us to do.” - Sam
“I think the future hold a lot of hard work. I say that in the most optimistic way. If we’re busy doing work, then we’ll be reaching people and make disciples. When we, as a church, collectively rest and ask to be served rather than ask to serve, that’s when we’ll find ourselves more and more asking for God to bless us than asking God to bless other through us.” - Kyle

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