The goal for Project Christmas 2017 is $50,000. Summit Church, you all went above and beyond our goal for Project Christmas! You gave $51,515 in total throughout the month of December! Thank you so much! We will begin working with our Local Missions partners with the money that was given. For all the videos, more information on each local mission and updates on as projects begin check out everything below. If you are interested in hearing more on Local Missions please contact Nathan at

Vida Victoriosa is a mostly hispanic church in south OKC that is pastored by Martin and Clarissa Urbina. Martin and Clarissa basically volunteer their time to the church because they receive no compensation from it. They both work full-time jobs to live on (Martin at Walmart and Clarissa as a school teacher throughout the year and a nurses aide during the summer). They have a heart for Jesus and to reach the poor among them with the gospel. Martin leads the adult ministries, and Clarissa leads the children’s ministry. They offer food and school supplies and other needs to their community. Their building is old and has many issues, so along with events throughout the year, we hope to help repair it with the funds we collect and with the manpower provided by Summit.

OKC Dream Center is located at Inner City Church in south OKC.  This ministry is led by Chase Parsons.  They work hard to impact the poor and needy in their community by providing food, clothing, community development, hope, etc.  They also have a “live-in” center for men who are trying to get back on their feet - most after going through rehab of some kind.  They have events throughout the year and provide services monthly through their food pantry and clothes closet, and they are constantly looking for ways to expose the people in their community to the gospel on their campus.  The center for men is in need of repairs and updates, so we hope to help with this through funding and manpower from Summit.

Food & Shelter of Norman is located on the East side of Norman, and it is a place that provides meals and housing for the homeless population in Norman. It is led by Executive Director, April Heiple. Food & Shelter serves breakfast and lunch every day and dinner 4-5 nights per week. They also have a village with homes to help those in their long-term program to get back on their feet. Summit sponsors one of the homes and makes sure that we have it stocked for the resident. Restocking takes place when the resident gets settled in a home of their own and a new resident moves in. Summit provides lunch every 1st Saturday, and we will be using the funds and Summit manpower to help create new ministry opportunities, like children’s activities, legal aid, as well as helping with other various projects throughout the year.

Tri City Hope Center is located in Newcastle was founded and is led by Shannon Kowals. Tri City Hope Center provides food, clothing and other household goods to the people living in the Newcastle, Blanchard, Tuttle, Bridge Creek, Norman, and other Tri-City areas. They are currently open every Thursday, but we are hoping to help them open one Saturday a month and staff it with Summit people. Also, we want to assist them in routine maintenance and repairs on their facility. If you would like to give to Project Christmas text "summit church" to 77977, Fund: Project Christmas