The Scriptures are clear that God is about one thing above all else: His glory. Therefore we make it our aim at Summit Church to pursue His glory as well, and we do so through the being and making of disciples. A disciple is someone whom God has reconciled to Himself in Christ and now follows the teachings and commands of Jesus. In Matthew 28 Jesus gives his disciples a clear mandate to go and make other disciples. This is where our mission statement is derived.  This truth is highlighted in 2 Corinthians 5 as well. As those who have been reconciled to God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are now ambassadors of reconciliation to a lost and broken world. We plead, urge, implore, reason, pray, serve, preach, teach and gather to see God glorified through His saving grace. Not to be overlooked, an integral component to our mission of making disciples includes the embedded reality that we ourselves are first disciples. The reason this is key is because of how God is glorified. As the Westminster Catechism states, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. You see, God’s glory as we discussed above is tied to his people’s delighting in Him. It is in our satisfaction in the person and work of Jesus that God is most treasured, most glorified.  Therefore, glorifying God cannot only be an action to join Him in bringing others to be disciples satisfied in Him, but it must encompass we ourselves being disciples satisfied in Him. Identity always precedes activity, so we must be before we can do. Another way to frame it is that God calls us to Him before He calls us for Him.  In our resting in and savoring Christ God is glorified. Then, in our proclaiming our all sufficient Jesus to others God is glorified. The more people that are enjoying and treasuring Christ (starting with ourselves), the more God is glorified.


Flowing out of our mission comes the marks of a disciple. What does the pursuing of God's glory in the formation of disciples look like fleshed out? For us, we can deduce it to four main characteristics that reflect what a disciple is and help drive our strategy for fulfilling our mission. They are: 

The Word:

the fuel of a disciple


the response of a disciple


the context of a disciple

Missional Living:

the result of a disciple

Everything within our church should encompass an intermingling of these 4 aspects as we strive by God's grace to see Him create disciples for His glory.