If you do not have a MySummit log in 

-Go to www.summitonline.tv/mysummit 

-Select “create an account” and fill out the form with your information 

-You will get an email detailing how to log in 

If you have a MySummit log in 

-Go to www.summitonline.tv/mysummit

-Select “log in” 

Once you are logged in to MySummit

-Click the furthest circle on the top right of the page - this could be your photo or your initials

-Click “involvement” in the middle of the page, under the blue section 

-Ensure that “financial” is checked blue

-Scroll down the page past serving, attendance, and groups until you see the “financial”box towards the middle of the page

-Run your cursor over the box until the three dots are shown at the top right of the financial box

-Click the three dots and select “giving statement”

-In the date range section, click the “quick date range” drop box

-Select “last year” and then “run report”